Sunday, 11 May 2014

We've been Nominated!

Some jolly lovely news has just been passed to me! Retro LadyLand has just recently won the Liebster award for new and upcoming blogs. We were kindly nominated by - make sure to check out their blog, it's a must if you love your horror! 

The Liebster is an internet only award and those who are nominated automatically win! In a way this award works like a glorified chain letter, but is so much more than that. The Liebster award is about working together as an online community and publicizing other bloggers out there on the web!

Basically, if a blog wins this award they are required to pick eleven other lesser known blogs out there in the immense web to nominate and give the award to! The winner also links back to the person who nominated them. It helps other blogs get publicity and renown as well as helping the original winner who made the nominations.

Cool huh?! 

Anyway, here are my worthy nominations:

curtains for the windows in my head
finding fault at the sub atomic level
the deadite slayer
secret fun spot
horror blogger alliance
the girl who loves horror
rogues hollow
andys retro space
excuses and half truths
crikey its vintage

Visit and enjoy this eclectic collection of brilliance.

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  1. Thank you, darling! I love your site, too, and I'm really looking forward to reading some of these interviews you got on here! Very cool stuff.