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Robert MacNaughton points the finger

5 Elliots, 2 Gerties, a Mary and about 12 E.T.'s... But was I ever going to get a Michael???

I ripped open another pack of stickers, maybe this time? It was all I needed to complete the whole set, but I just wasn't lucky enough I guess... I'd tried swapsies, I tried offering cash... I'd even tried bribery.. But no 3 in the set... The picture of Michael on his own eluded me... Was I ever going to finish and complete my set???

Hold on? It was only 6... That late night comic book store was open for ages yet and they sold E.T. stickers. It wasn't far, I could walk it.

I grabbed my coat and scarf and made my way out into the cold evening, this quest of mine may have seemed ridiculous to some, but to me it was my mission... and like Elliot getting E.T. home, so I needed to finish my sticker album!

The store was just a couple of blocks down from my place, it was a cool hangout, they had everything, comics, - obviously - figurines, pencil toppers, posters, Pez and, of course, Panini stickers.

The bell tinkled as I walked in, the place always had an air of cool about it, I could stay for hours, just perusing the merchandise, flicking through the comics, or dreaming of the day I would have enough cash to buy that life-size E.T. figure... Now that would look good in my room!

I rushed to the desk and grabbed 5 packs of stickers, flinging them on the desk and handing the guy a handful of crumpled notes and ignoring my change I feverishly ripped open the paper wrapping and eagerly flicked through the cards... Nothing... I opened the next... again nothing... and another.. and another... There was only one left now, I held it nervously, as if it were a chocolate bar that may contain a golden ticket and tentatively tore the little packet open... E.T. with Gertie... Keys and Elliot... E.T.s finger... but then... oh but then... my hands started to shake and my brow beaded with sweat... Oh my god... Oh my lord... Oh my... Oh my... Here it was... No.3 Michael!... After months of searching, my collection was complete!

I held it aloft in disbelief and started to laugh to myself... I thought nothing could beat this moment, but I was wrong... As I slowly lowered the sticker I noticed something... Or someone behind it... There standing in front of me, waiting to get to the desk was Michael... I mean Robert MacNaughon... I was dumb struck...

Robert MacNaughton (born in New York City December 19, 1966) is an American actor, best known for his role as Elliott's brother Michael in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, for which he won a 1982 Young Artist Award as Best Young Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. Robert also played the lead role of Adam Farmer in the 1983 film I Am the Cheese, based on the young adult novel by Robert Cormier.

This was my chance, would I dare to ask him a few questions? You bet I would!!

So, I've got to talk about ET... I just have to! How did you get the part? "I was doing an off-Broadway play, The Diviners, at Circle Repertory Company and a casting director 
Barbara Claman saw it and wanted to cast me in a role in "The Entity" with Barbara Hershey. I wasn't old enough for the part so when that fell through she said I hear there's something going on over there with Spielberg you might be right for so she made a few phone calls and got me in late in the audition process." Did you go to drama clubs as a small child? "No. I started going to acting classes at South Coast Repertory when I was 11 and started working professionally when I was 12." Now, you were only 12 when you got your first role, how did it feel to go for auditions at such a young age? "I was eager to audition because it was a chance to act. The only auditions I didn't like doing were for commercials."

And so when did you get your first agent? "When I was 13 in New York City. Nancy Carson at the Carson/Adler Agency who was great." What did your friends think about your acting? "Friends?"

I'm guessing that was a joke...
Now my parents wanted me to be a doctor, or a vet and were never really encouraging of my sticker collections, or my film memorabelia... But i'd show them, all this rubbish would be worth something one day... So I wondered if his parents encouraged him... Or was it his idea to become an actor? "I was the one who dragged them into it."

But did you want to be anything else?
"I started out wanting to be a writer." Back to E.T....

At 14 you got the part in ET. Do you remember the audition?
"The first interview with Spielberg was very memorable. It was the day President Reagan was shot and it was a very informal meeting with my biggest hero ("CE3K" was my all time favorite film). He asked what my interests were and I said I played Dungeons & Dragons and he laughed and said "That's actually in the movie." I said I also liked to ride bikes and he said "That's in the movie too" so it went well."

I interupted him... Asking hopefully... Do you still play?
"No, I haven't played D&D in years.
The next audition they had me improvise the scene where I first see E.T. with several of the potential Elliots. My favorite audition was actually at Harrison Ford's house with the other guys that played our friends in the movie and Harrison Ford's kids playing
Dungeons & Dragons with Steven, Kathleen Kennedy (the producer), & Melissa Mathison (screenwriter) watching us. The reason we were at Harrison Ford's house was because he and the screenwriter of E.T.,
Melissa, were a couple. It was cool because we played D&D at a table Harrison had made because he has also been a carpenter which impressed me, not to mention he was Han Solo and Indiana Jones! And this was when the first "Raiders" had just come out."

Harison Ford... Cool

What was it like to act with ET? "It was just like working with another actor because it could do just about everything you could see on the screen. And Steven read E.T.'s lines during filming. When I see the movie, and I know it's the same for Henry and Drew, we sometimes hear Steven's voice in our heads when E.T. is talking." I heard horrible rumours that Drew Barrymore was drinking alcohol during filming... "Absolutely not true. That's ludicrous. There were child welfare workers on the set at all times along with Kathleen, Melissa, etc. I was with her constantly and she was like a daughter to Steven. There is no way that would have gone unnoticed or been allowed."

What was she like?
"She was adorable. She's exactly like you see in the movie times ten. Every day one of us was her pretend boyfriend. One day it would be me or C. Thomas Howell, or Henry. She rode on my shoulders everywhere. I was her primary means of transportation on the set. She had a very active imagination. She would tell us she had a punk band, the "Purple People Eaters" and that she was the drummer. But that might have been the alcohol talking--just kidding. Of course I'm forever indebted to Drew because she set me up on a blind date with my beautiful wife, Bianca."

There was a lot of talk surrounding ET and Michael Jackson... Do you know anything about this? Did you ever meet him? "I never met him. He contributed a song to the E.T. storybook album and Steven was so grateful that he gave him one of the life sized E.T.s that was used in the movie. I heard Michael kept it in his home right next to the front door at the Neverland Ranch opposite a life sized Mickey Mouse."
What was Michaels surname? Do you know? There were none in the script. 
"We didn't have one. When the movie was coming out a publicity guy at Universal added the name Taylor in a press kit. I think because he thought it would be cute for Elliot's initials to be E. T. In the script it was Gertie, Michael, Elliot, Mary, and Peter Coyote's character was called "Keys.""

What was Spielberg like to work for/with? "He was enthusiastic and fun, like a teenager himself. Sometimes he would give directions I didn't understand because he's seen so many movies and he thinks everybody's seen them. One example is the scene where I'm getting ready to steal the van and I'm wearing the hazmat suit. Steven told me to pull my hood off just like Richard Basehart did in some 1950s film I'd never heard of. I wanted to say to him "Steven, I'm only 14.""

What was Dee Wallace like as a mum? "She was also a lot of fun. Dee is great. She's gregarious and lovely and a damn fine actress. Her performance in E.T. is so underrated. She was very protective of Henry and Drew especially. When E.T. died she was very comforting because Drew believed it was real." Was it true that you all found it hard to look ET in the eye as they were too far apart? "No."

Note to self... Stop listening to rumours!

But I do know both Corey Feldman and Harrison Ford were due a part in the film, but their scenes were cut, do you think the film dynamics would have changed with them in it?
"Corey might have tried out for it, but he was not in the movie orcut out. He wasn't even an extra. Harrison, on the other hand, was in the movie and cut out. He played the school principal, Principal Harold Solo, and had a very funny scene with Henry. Ithink Steven felt it interrupted the flow of the movie right after E.T. and Elliot get drunk. Or maybe the fact that it was Harrison distracted from the plot. The whole cast was relatively unknown which was good. You can see that scene on YouTube."

Now there was something that I had always held out hope for... But, I wondered, did Robert ever think there might be an ET 2?  "It was never a real possibility." Ah.. Shame...

What did it feel like to be catapulted to fame with the release of the film? "Awesome and bizarre. I went back to high school after the movie came out and all the sudden I was invited to all the football parties with the popular kids and I was being offered roles instead of having to audition for them."

And, I apart from me, I asked, do you still get recognised much?
"Yes. More so in the UK for some reason."

Now, the first half of the film was filmed from kid height, how did this seem on set? "We never took notice of the angle of the cameras. It made no difference to our performance."

And with so many kids on set, you must have some great stories...
"I usually hung out with Henry and Matt Demerrit, who did the stunts for E.T. and we used to get into some trouble playing around the lot. Just being rambunctious kids. One day we pretended Drew was invisible the whole day which drove her crazy. And we had school on the set with the 3 kids from Poltergeist. Dominique Dunne and I hit it off. Dominique was my same age, Oliver Robins was Henry's age, and Heather O'Rourke was Drew's age too (both 6). I was stunned when Dominique was murdered right after Poltergeist came out. I was really impressed by her poise and dedication to her craft. And of course I was deeply saddened when Heather died so tragically at such a young age. Drew had tried out for her role in Poltergeist and that's how she got the role in E. T. Her and Drew were complete opposites. Drew had to be the center of attention and Heather was this beautiful, quiet, calm child."
Any romances? "Not that I knew of although I had a major crush on Drew's Mom and I know some of the other guys who played my friends had crushes on Dee."

Did you hang out off set?
"I hung out with Henry all the time. We would play D&D when were on location in the Redwoods in the motel, and Steven dropped by to join in one time but his character got killed by a giant snail which made me nervous because I was the dungeon master."

And what was it like to meet the Princess of Wales?
"It was an enormous thrill to be invited to the Royal Premiere with the Prince and Princess of Wales and to be able to attend with my grandmother who was born in Reading. I was so nervous that I attempted to shave the night of the premiere for the first time and nicked my face. When I was in the ceremonial greeting line, Steven told me to stand up straight and Henry to take his hands out of his pockets. Then he said to me, "Just watch Harrison, he's done this a lot before." When I shook Princess Diana's hand I can't remember ever having seen anyone so beautiful up close before.
Toward the end of the screening, we were tapped on the shoulder and told that Charles and Diana wanted to meet us in private. She left before the credits rolled to fix her makeup because she'd been crying and Charles told me he had laughed so much he cried. I found him to be very amiable and not stuffy, as I had expected. He did all the talking. That was a very special moment I'll never forget.

I was still 14 when I met her, 10 days shy of my 15th birthday.

NO! Sorry got that wrong!!! I was 15 when I met her, 10 days shy of my 16 th birthday

Quite a guy's sweet 16 bday to meet Princess Di, huh?"

Better than mine, my mom, dad and nanna, in the livingroom with a small glass of sherry and a Bert and Ernie cake...

"Well for what I did on my actual 16th bday, only 10 days later when I was back in California, I have no idea. Can't remember for the life of me. I'm sure it wasn't much!"

Now, I remeber the first time I saw the film... I had dogged my parents to take me... Eventually, after clearing out the basement and doing all my summer homework early, my mom had taken me... It was as good as I had imagined and blew my tiny mind! But how did Robert feel?
"I saw it without music initially and I was amazed at how skillful Steven's direction was. And then absolutely floored when I saw the version with music." And how do you feel about the films phenomenal success? "Incredibly lucky to have been a part of something that means so much to so many people."

I clocked the life-sized E.T. and wondered if he had kept any memorabilia? 
Yes we do have some of the old memorabilia. When I met my wife I only had the Michael interactive action figure and my dog had chewed the nose and hands up, but she started buying anything she could find that had me on it like the lunchbox that comes with a thermos. We have the E.T. bedding, which looks nothing like me, a dish set, a coloring book. She's found some items I've never seen before. But we really don't have that much compared to the E.T. fans that send pictures of their incredible collections. I'm just happy to have the set of action figures of everyone: Drew, Henry, Dee, Peter, and myself. And how could I forget! E.T. of course.

Now, apart from E.T. he'd done so much more... I had to ask...

You've also acted with the fabulous Bob Newhart, can you tell me something about that? "He's an amazing pro who effortlessly makes comedy appear so simple when it's the hardest thing to do. The show I was on, we barely rehearsed and then suddenly we were in front of a live audience." And lately you've been in some less lighthearted films, what do you prefer? "I prefer stage, which is how I started and what I've mostly done throughout my career."

Robert politely checked his watch, he was patient and kind enough to talk to me... But I couldn't keep him here forever, I must let him get off... And I said I'd only be away for 15minutes... My wife was going to kill me... She indulged my passion for retro movies and memorabilia and I know she would forgive me once I explained, but I had promised to pick up Chinese food on the way home... So maybe just one last question,

So, Robert, what do you think the family and ET would be up to today - you know, if they were real! - I'm a fan, but I'm not crazy... 
"I always thought Elliot's character would go on to work with Keys in some way. There's a funny sequel trailer on YouTube called E. T. X which shows a picture of me now and says Michael's been abducted. It's pretty funny.

Perfect I thought and exited Coopers Retro Comicbooks with a story to tell, some questions answered, a memory that would stay with me forever and ofcourse my completed sticker album....  

This was too exciting... I had to tell someone... Yes, this was my moment to phone home....

For more information on Robert Visit IMDB, Wikipedia or just Google him!

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It's a Cinderella story.... An interview with Cindy Morgan

50 cents left?! How did I have only 50 cents left? Surely that
wouldn't buy me another game?... I scanned the arcade, clenching my two measly quarters in my palm... There were cool driving games but they were at least a couple of dollars, there were shooting games, but again too much for me... Then I saw a sign, it said 'Retro Gaming' in blue neon and had an arrow pointing to the corner of the room, so I followed it, no harm, I thought... The sign took me to a strange and darkened little nook of the arcade, full of PacMans and Space Invaders... I scanned the room and after briefly considering a golf game called 'Caddyshack', I saw it... The game that I'd remembered hearing about... The game that I thought was just a legend, and it was only a quarter to play... The game... This awesome, mythical game, was Tron... 

I quickly slipped a quarter into the slot and pressed the one player mode, the game started and, wo! it was as cool as I had heard, ok the graphics were a little dated and the buttons a little clunky, but as I zipped and twisted my way round the neon maze I felt totally exhilarated, but then suddenly Wham! I hit the edge and my game was over... Blast! Ah well I had one more coin... I popped it in and started to play, but this time, as the game got faster and faster I got better and better... And oh my goodness, I was beating it! I was actually beating it!!! The top score was way below mine, but I was still going, left right, up, down... faster and faster... This was incredible! After a while I had the sudden realisation that a crowd had formed around me, cheering me on... I liked that... And as the game got faster the crowd began to cheer louder and louder and a voice started to scream at me to bare left... A familiar voice... A very familiar voice... A voice that would come from a person who would know this game well... My mind wandered and then Crash! I was out of the game and my crowd of supporters dissipated back into the main room to cheer on the next winner...  But one person was left, the one with the voice and no wonder I knew the voice and no wonder she knew the game, because the woman standing there was Cindy Morgan... Yori from Tron... 

Cindy Morgan (born Cynthia Ann Cichorski; September 29, 1954) is an American actress best known for her appearances as Lora/Yori in Tron and Lacey Underall in Caddyshack.

We grabbed a coke from the machine by the change machine and got chatting...

So, Cindy, how did you start acting?

"I started out in broadcasting, working in many areas of radio and television. I was based in cities in the Midwest during and after college. I wrote and read news and commercials, and in some cases produced my own work. I hosted a local talk show and did the weather at 6 and 10."

And was it your first career choice? - I knew that as well as beauty, she an academic and extremely intelligent - did you ever consider leaving it behind and returning to academia
"Acting was a career I fell into by default. While I was a DJ in Chicago doing morning drive, I was making $135 per week and felt that I was grossly underpaid. I registered with the Chicago talent agencies, but no one would hire me for on-camera work because I was the voice on the radio. So I moved to LA, and scored the movie Caddyshack within 8 months."

So, did you ever consider leaving it behind and returning to academia
"Always considering leaving it all behind!"

She said with a cheeky grin and a wink.

Now I'd always considered changing my name and I know that Cindy actually had, she was 
born Cynthia Ann Cichorski, I wondered... Why Cindy Morgan? 
"While in college, I had two jobs at two radio stations in DeKalb, IL… reading the news at a student station, and writing the news at the commercial station as a paid news stringer. I was told that I could keep both jobs as long as I had a different name at the two stations. After graduation, I sent out resumes as Cindy Cichorski. Not a bite. Then I sent out resumes as Cindy Morgan. Cindy Morgan got the job."

I  remembered the golf game in the retro section of the arcade, Caddyshack... From the
iconic 1980 Harold Ramis comedy and the film in which Cindy got her big break and a big favourite of mine... 
"Caddyshack was my first movie. I was hired for a day to do narration on a "Love American Style" project called "Up Your Ladder". It was later re-cut into something weird.
I DID get an amazing break with Caddyshack. Couldn’t believe I was cast as Lacey Underall after 12 years in Catholic School, 4 of those years in a Catholic girls high school in an advanced curriculum program. (All I did was study, but I didn’t let that get in the way.)"

So, how did you get the part? 
"I auditioned. I remember reading the script for the first time, and thought, "They’ll never cast me in this role. I can do anything I want with it." That sense of freedom won me the role."

And what was the filming like? Did you get nervous? - You know, being your first film, I asked her...
"I would have been nervous if I had let myself. I didn’t. When I found out that I had this job, I stopped watching any of the Chevy Chase’s and Bill Murray's work. I wanted to react to them just as they were. Good thing I did.
Filming was nuts, like Animal House on a golf course. Five years in broadcasting and an excellent comedy improvisation coach prepared me for what was to come."


Now my mate reacons Rodney Dangerfield is a total genius…  I couldn't leave this place -
and Cindy - without asking what he was like in person and were the quips constant, or all scripted? 
"Not quips, full-on comedy standup routines. Sure, Rodney was a genius. Perhaps a mad genius, but who cares? He took over scenes and rolled through them like a comic juggernaut, much to the chagrin of Ted Knight. Ted had a script, and did not intend to play straight man to Rodney."

My mate will LOVE that! I thought.

There is an iconic scene in Caddyshack which no man, young or old can forget, it's a scene where Cindy seductively sashes along the side of the pool, kicks of her heels, climbs the           ladder and
dives into the water... And then there's all the guys in the pool with their jaws literally hanging open... Mine wasn't that different when I saw it in the cinema! But I had to wonder... Could she really dive like that?! 
"Hell no, I can’t dive! I just had to look like I could dive, and then take the chance of a lifetime by waking the board and making it look like I knew what I was doing."

So, have you seen the Family Guy parody of that scene? I asked
"Yes! It’s awesome!"

Loved that scene!

And I remembered a scene where her character was described as Madonna with meatballs? Ha!
"One of the Los Angeles papers reviewed Caddyshack and called me (as Lacey) "an oversexed Olivia Newton John". I took that as a major compliment."

Ha, that's fantastic!

And Chevy, I had to ask about Chevy 
"Chevy was one of the most talented actors I’ve known, and a big challenge. I think I’ve done some of my best work with him." But would his "seduction techniques have really worked you? "On me? Do you think I’d really answer that question? ;)"

Oh! And Bill Murray, what was he like? Did he stay in character when not filming?
"Billy" - I loved how she called him Billy! "was (and is) awesome. Does he stay in character? Difficult to tell where reality ends and fantasy begins. Bill and his characters are often one and the same."

With all those incredible comedians around (Including the late great Harold Ramis) it must have been a riot on set?! 
"No time for a riot. Plenty of time for partying."

The film was actually directed by Harold Ramis, how did he direct you? 
"Harold was sweet and soft-spoken, with a great sense of humor. He used to whisper naughty little suggestions for Lacey into my ear."

Oh to be She didn't tell me what, but I had a pretty good imagination!

What was the set like? Was it a real resort??
"The entire golf course was the set, even inside the hotel where we were staying, so we never had to leave the set to socialize. We were on the golf course almost day and night for six weeks, occasionally going out to a restaurant for dinner. All of us."

Did you get to meet the Gopher? Do you know what happened to it? 
"Uh… the only gopher on the set was a hand puppet used briefly in one scene.  - That's the one! - The entire gopher sequence was shot after the fact. Probably because the original story about the caddies was lost, and the brilliant vignettes with four of the funniest men on the planet."

How many times did you get hit on? 
"Every day."

Come on, I thought to myself, that was an obvious one!! 

Suddenly my cell phone went off... Darn, it was my mom, wondering where I was I bet... I quickly answered it and told her I'd be back soon and who I was talking to... She screamed so loud that I had to pull the phone away from my ear... It was if she was trying to deafen me! She asked me to pass the phone to Cindy...

But Mom... I whined

"Pass it over!!" she shouted "I just want to ask one thing...

I passed it over explaining that it was my mom, Cindy switched it to speaker so we could both hear. 
She spoke softy and politely and in her best telephone voice and asked "Cindy, now... Woman to woman... Did you ever wear a bra in that movie?" 

Mom!!! I shouted and started appologising, but Cindy seemed unfazed

"Woman to woman," she answered "I didn’t need one. ;) It was 1979, and not wearing a bra was a fashion and political statement."

This lead on to a 10 minute discussion between the two of them about bras and women stuff... I just didn't need to hear my mom talk about her...her... her woman's bits.... So I grabbed the phone off Cindy, told mom I'd be home soon and changed the subject.

Tron... I had to talk about Tron! So, I wondered... How did you get that part?
"I was dating a guy from my comedy improvisation class, and he took me to lunch, where I met the director of a cartoon he was about to star in. A couple of years later, I was called to Disney to audition with Jeff Bridges bypassing the entire audio process. The cartoon with my ex-boyfriend had become the first CGI film, TRON, and the director had fallen in love with me at lunch. I only put it all together many years later while talking to my ex, who’s still adorable. Thank You, Larry Anderson!"

Now today we are so used to effects laden movies, but back in 82 it must have all seemed strange. Could you even imagine what the film would look as you were filming it?
"Not a clue. As with Caddyshack, I put the script aside because it usually had nothing to do with what was in front of me. I would go in every morning, get into makeup and costume, and "go along" with whatever Steven Lisberger said.
I went along with everything until the morning I walked onto the soundstage, and Steven Lisberger said: "OK, you’re on the Solar Sailer crossing the Game Sea. That black riser is the ship. Go fly it" That’s when I had to ask "What the heck are you talking about? There’s no Solar Sailer. No Game Sea. Nothing". Steven pulled out the beautiful Syd Mead graphics to give us a picture of what we were seeing."

And how did it feel when you finally saw yourself in the ‘Tron world’? 
"Stunned. Mesmerized. Nothing I imagined could compare with Disney’s
beautiful CGI interpretation of TRON."

Beep Beep... It was my cell again, this time a text... Ask her about Jeff Bridges! Ask if it was hard acting with others virtually without a set? 
"I loved working with Jeff Bridges. A consummate professional and all around good guy. As for finding reality, it was in the eyes of the other amazing actors on the set: David Warner, Barnard Hughes, Bruce Boxleitner."

I'm not all texting that, I thought... I'd call her later...

OOOh I wondered. had she seen Tron Legacy?
"Nope. I think it’s someone's interpretation of the original."

You’ve done a lot of TV and film, but what do you consider your career highlight? 
"Things keep getting better. Check with me in a year. ;)"

Beep beep... Oh god what now? The text read, Your father asks to ask her what her favourite celebrity story is? 
"I was invited to a small dinner party at Kirk Douglas’ house and was introduced to Cary Grant. I did NOT say, as Lacey did, "Hey Cary Grant, you want to get high?" I mumbled something incoherent like "You sound just like Cary Grant." And I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the evening."

Ha! Brilliant!!

I found I was mesmerised by her big blue eye and... hold the phone... Were they contacts?!
"Without contact lenses or glasses, I’ve been told that I’m legally blind. This means that everything’s fairly blurry without correction. I wore glasses in TRON, but they were only props with regular lenses, and my contacts were underneath. Otherwise I could have walked off the set if I took them off."

My phone started ringing again... What now? I thought... She better not just want to know what Cindy said... I excused my self and asked my mom sternly 'What now?? I'm not asking her any more questions! Please mom, you're embarrassing me... I'm 37 for gods sake!"Calm down, she said... I'm only calling to say your father's outside in the car, waiting for you"

God, how utterly embarrassing... OK, one more question... Last one, so it had to be a goody!

Erm... Oh I know! you have copies of the film posters you appear on?  
"People keep stealing my TRON poster for some reason. I have a Caddyshack poster that someone made for me. It’s pretty cool!"

We said our goodbyes and she headed back towards the retro gaming section of the arcade, that was amazing I thought and reached down for my backpack, I noticed something twinkling on the floor, right where Cindy was standing. and leant down to pick it up, it was an earring... Cindy must have dropped it while we were talking, I looked over and saw her disappearing back into the corner and raced after her, but as I got near the section I saw a bright light just kinda' flash, weird... And then, just as I turned the corner and  in a flash of light she had disappeared...  I raced over to the Tron machine just in time to see Cindy, in full and spectacular digital neon, turn, wave and smile at me, before getting into her little digital car, slamming the door and speeding off into the distance......  My god, what I would have given for another quarter...

For More information on Cindy Morgan visit her Website, her IMDB or her Wikipedia... Or just Google her!