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The Life of Judith Iscariot... And interview with Sue Jones-Davies

nd lo, here cometh the first lesson, the lesson was thus. Thy who a watcheth the film that maketh the people laugh and createth a film so funny and so wonderful that it is still making people laugh and createth much hillarity today. 

That film tells the story of Brian, who is not the massiah but a very naughty boy... Brian is born on the original Christmas, in the stable next door. He spends his life being mistaken for a messiah.

Made in 1979 it starred a young Welsh actress by the name of Sue Jones-Davis playing Judith Iscariot... A woman who went on to become the Mayor of Aberystwyth from 2008–2009, she now serves as town councillor... Now that's a carrer change... eth...

So did you know the Pythons prior to filming?
"I knew of the Pythons before working with them through the TV series but I was not someone who followed them avidly. John Cleese had the same acting agent as myself and that was how my name came to be put before them."

How did you get the part? 

"There was another actress up for the part.I"m not sure who .She dropped out and my agent suggested me to the Python team."

It must have been so hot in Tunisia! especially in those Robes, what was it like working in the heat?  

"Tunisia was very hot but I wasn't filming everyday so there was time to lie on the beach or around the pool at the hotel to cool off."

And I heard that Graham held a surgery for the cast and crew after a days work in all that head... Did you ever get treated by him?
"Graham Chapman didn't treat me but he did treat my son who was out with me for heatrash which I thought was chicken pox-panic!"

ow has it effected your political career knowing you've been naked on screen? Or that you were in such a notorious film!? And what do people say when they realise exactly who you are?! 
"I'm not aware that my involvement in the film hampered anything.If it did no one ever told me. "

Ok, I've heard that it was Simon Callow that was the naked body double for Grahame Chapman... BUT I also heard that Graham Chapman used a rubber band to fake 'Jewishness' in the scene... Do you know the truth? If so, which is it? 

"Graham had no standins. I can vouch for that."

I know it was Terry Jones who directed the film but how much input did the others have? (Especially terry Gilliam) 
"It wasn't always easy for Terry to direct as the others would chip in all the time but in his easy going way he usually got what he wanted.Terry Gilliam is a powerhouse of creativity but he was always so busy building the sets that the acting was a side line in his timetable.I certainly don't remember him contributing to the directing."

And how lovely is Michael Palin? 

"Michel is lovely!"

Did you socialise with the guys after filming? Or during? What were they like, personally and as fellow actors?

"We all socialized every night in the hotel,as much or as little as you wanted."

Do you ever or did you get personal negative reaction to your part in the film and the film itself? How did you feel about the backlash when it first came out? Did anyone on set think that people would take it that badly? Especially the church? And considering it was banned in Wales What was the reaction when you got home?!  Especially as the ban was only lifted in 2009!
"I was delighted the film was banned where I lived as I had no desire for my parents or their friends to see me naked. I can't remember now if I was shocked by the church's reaction or expected it. I'd already experienced a similar thing at the Palace Theatre where for the first month that Jesus Christ Superstar was on we were picketed by nuns at the stage door,forecasting our death and damnation."

hat was your reaction when you first read the script? And discovered that you would be doing a nude scene?! 
"I loved the script from the first time I read it and the nude scene was so in context that I didn't mind."

How did everyone feel when they found out that Spike Milligan, holidaying in Tunisia, was going to appear in the film?
"Whoever turned up on the set was roped in, so it was no surprise,but great that Spike was in it."

Were you a Beatles fan? It must have been amazing working with George?

"I was a Beatles fan in my teenage years. I can't remember if I met George on set or not."

And lastly what  is your favourite quote? And when was the last time you quoted a line in the film, or a line was quoted to you?!
"I think my favorite line is "we're all different".
I have to say I"m hopeless at remember lines from work I've done.People quote lines at me and expect me to carry on and I can't."

And here endeth the lesson...

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