Saturday, 28 February 2015

5 Minutes with... Adrian Zmed

Adrian George Zmed is an American television personality and film actor noted for the roles of "Johnny Nogerelli" in Grease 2 and "Officer Vince Romano" in the T.J. Hooker television series and he spent 5 minutes with Retro LadyLand...
So Adrian, you were born in the 'Windy City'...
"Growing up in Chicago was awesome. It's a beautiful city with great architecture and lots of museums. I grew up close to the Lincoln Park Zoo and a few blocks from Wrigley field so I was a lucky kid."
But you're of Romanian descent?
"Yes I speak fluent Romanian. My entire family is Romanian. I am the only one of my immediate family who was born in the United States."
Have you ever used it to get a job?
"Romanian never helped me in an audition but I did utilize it for the movie Van Helsing. My voice is the voice of all of the villagers that you hear in the background when the vampires are attacking!"
Wasn't your first TV role on Starsky and Hutch?
"My first TV part was not on Starsky and Hutch. It was on a series called Flatbush...didn't last long! LOL"
And you were in Grease, on stage and in the sequel,
you played Danny on stage, have you met John?
"I am very close with the entire Travolta family."
Now, you are most recognisable for your part as Officer Romano in TJ Hooker... Were you a fan of Star Trek when you met?
"I was not a Trekky when I met William Shatner..."

But did Trek fans come to seek him out?
"...yes they did appear at the set sometimes and drove him NUTS!"
And Bachelor with Tom Hanks... Is he as lovely as he appears?
"Tom Hanks is as great a guy as he appears. We had a blast making Bachelor Party and couldn't believe we were getting paid to have so much fun."
Coming from Chicago... Have you ever been in Chicago?
"I played Billy Flynn in the national tour of Chicago..."

And one for your assistant... Whats the fan mail like?!
"As Adrian's Admin Assist I can tell you that YES he gets CRAZY fan mail. Let's just say he is beyond popular with the ladies in Italy and Sicily!"

Thank you Adrian, short... But very,very sweet...

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